Koidu Holdings

Koidu Holdings S.A.


Private company

Diamond mining


Freetown, Sierra Leone

Key people

Patrick Saada, Chairman
Jan Joubert, Chief Executive
Ibrahim Kamara, Chief Communications Officer


Number of employees

1,300 permanent employees [1]



Koidu Holdings S.A. (Societe Anonyme) is a diamond mining company operating in the West African country of Sierra Leone. It is wholly owned by BSG Resources Limited through its subsidiary BSGR Diamonds Limited. BSG Resources is a diversified natural resource arm of the Beny Steinmetz Group of Companies, which also has interests in real estate, capital markets and diamonds.


1 History

1.1 Formation
1.2 Initial Operations
1.3 Corporate Identity

2 Mining Leases

2.1 Koidu Kimberlite Project
2.2 Tonguma Project

3 Exploration and mining operations

3.1 Koidu Kimberlite Project
3.2 Tonguma Project

4 References

The company was formed in September 2003 as a joint venture between the previous mineral right holders Energem Resources Inc and BSG Resources subsidiary Magma Diamond Resources Ltd. After a number of changes in the shareholding structure, BSG Diamonds progressively increased its stake in Koidu Holdings to 100% by February 2007.[2]
Initial Operations[edit]
After the end of the civil war in Sierra Leone in 2002 – and once the country had joined as a participant of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in 2003 – Koidu Holdings was the first commercial diamond mining company to invest in the development of the resource sector in Sierra Leone, focusing initially on the kimberlite deposits at Koidu.[3]
Corporate Identity[edit]

The logo is modelled after the cotton tree located within the mining lease area.

Koidu Holdings’ first logo, designed in 2003, was derived from the silhouette of a young cotton tree growing near the site selected for the construction of the dense media separation plant at the Koidu Kimberlite Project. The symbolism associated locally with cotton trees is strength and prosperity.[4] In line with this, management’s vision is to become the company of choice – to host, invest in and work for – in Sierra Leone.[5]
Koidu Holdings completed the feasibility study for its Expansion Project and began a major growth phase towards the end of 2010, launching a new corporate identity, modelling the new identity on the iconi